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Investment Symposium

Please join us as we host our 9th Annual Family Office Investment Symposium at The Beverly Hills Hotel on February 5th - 7th, 2014. Our highly acclaimed two and a half day Investment Symposium provides ample opportunity for our family office attendees to discuss the investment outlook for 2014. The Symposium offers you an opportunity to explore a wide range of investment vehicles that are gaining traction among significant family offices and provides you with concrete investment ideas that you may wish to consider as part of your own portfolio. Our event also serves as a platform for Family Offices to discuss their challenges, their success stories, and how to continue their legacy. **

Click here to view our agenda, register, and more!

If you have any questions please contact Bridget Kilroy (Bkilroy@lidoconsulting.com) at Lido Consulting for meeting locations, topics, and directions. The Lido Consulting offices can also be reached at 310.278.8232.

Thank you and see you soon!


**Please note: Lido Consulting does no provide any investment related services. Investment services are provided by Lido Advisors, Inc. an S.E.C. Registered Investment Advisor. Lido does not endorse or recommend any speaker or firm that participates in the Investment Symposium. Each investor should perform their own individual due diligence to determine suitability of any investment.